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- Sound Paintings made by dozens of participants at the 2017 CalArts Expo. 

Sound Paint is an interactive audio visual installation where participants are able to explore the different sonic regions of their voice through shape and color. Just as each voice is unique to the individual, each individual's color pallet is very much their own. The frequency spectrum of a user's voice is used to determine the color of each circle drawn. The amplitude of the sound created is mapped to the circle's diameter—quieter sounds produce smaller circles and vice versa. The location of each new circle is intuitively placed using a drawing tablet. Sound Paint was premiered at the 2017 CalArts expo where dozens of users created their own sound paintings that were saved and uploaded to a server upon clearing of the canvas. Sound Paint challenges individuals to think about the synesthetic relationship between sound and image and can be thought of as a sort of meditation through composition. 




Drawing Tablet

Microphone + Audio Interface

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