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"DeSmith has all the fundamental components necessary to succeed as a composer. He is creative, musically gifted and hugely dedicated to his craft. On the feature documentary Carrying On, DeSmith delivered a score that supports onscreen emotion, drives tension and ultimately elevates the picture. He created a unique pallet that synthesised the director’s ideas, seamlessly fusing synthetic sounds with live recordings.

His craft, maturity and ability to communicate belie the fact that he has only just graduated."

Jon Beer

Director - Out of Orbit

"Odie possesses the kind of wild enthusiasm that indicates boundless potential. He is always willing to come outside his comfort zone and tackle new technical and conceptual challenges once he decides on an idea. I very much admire his resourcefulness and the ease with which he expresses himself creatively and I'm excited to see where he takes the work next." 

Mike Leisz

Faculty - CalArts

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