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A Melodic Companion for Spontaneous Inspiration

In Process December 2020 - Present

With Riff Bot, you don't have to wait for inspiration to strike. It's yours at the touch of a button. Riff Bot is a musical sequencing device that connects and powers over USB and integrates easily into any DAW. Riff Bot frees you from the tyranny of the piano roll and serves as a collaborative partner in your computer music-making process. 

Riff bot parameters transparency.png

Prototyping / Ideation

Riff bot draws from a long legacy of chance operations in composition, most notably John Cage's Music of Changes and compositions with dice. Initially Riff Bot began as a simple procedural program that I wrote to freshen up on my C++. The program would prompt the user to choose a musical scale and would then generate a set of 16 notes at random in sequential order. This got me thinking about the possibility of a device that could further automate this process within a modern DAW. What started as a fancy random number generator soon morphed into a parametric non-linear sequencing device capable of syncing via MIDI and generating new melodic material at the press of a button. I soon found myself on a journey to distill the core musical parameters of a melody, adding one knob at a time and defining the instrument as I went. The Riff Bot is the culmination of this journey and represents months of testing, tweaking, coding and jamming! I hope that it will bring to others the same pseudo-collaborative playfulness that I have experienced with the device myself. 


Ableton Live


Arcade Button

resistors, pots,

breadboard etc.


For Prototype

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Teensy outline 2.png
Resistor pot etc.png


Next Steps

PCB and Faceplate Fabrication

High Fidelity Prototype Assembly

More Thorough Documentation (Manual)

Ship Prototypes for User Testing 

Iterate and Improve Based on User Feedback

Prepare for Production at Scale / Distribution

Ridd Bot Prototype.HEIC
Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 5.10.12 PM.png

Stay Tuned for More!

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