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Work Experience


UX Design Teaching Assistant at CalArts


Composer, Out of Orbit Films

2018 - 2020

Technology Consultant for Installations

2018 - 2019

Composer and Sound Designer, [Student Project]

2015 - 2017

Live Sound Engineer at CalArts

2013 - 2015

MOD Recording 

In 2020, I was hired as a Teaching Assistant to help instruct the UX for Creative Technologists course at CalArts. I was responsible for facilitating bi-weekly group ideation exercises, and helped students to procure interviews, early on in the research phase of their projects. Students were asked to step outside of the box and trade in their laptops for sticky notes and sharpies, as they learned the ins and outs of the Google design sprint process through hands-on experience. 

- Instructor: Marijke Jorritsma [NASA JPL]

In the Fall of 2019 I was hired to compose an original motion picture soundtrack for Out of Orbit films. This was my first feature length project as a freelance composer.



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I worked for two years as a student employee for the concert production team at CalArts. I was responsible for a variety of jobs depending on the day ranging from monitor mixes, lighting design, sound recording, video broadcast, and front of house mixing. 

- Collaborators:   Evan Wendall - Trumpet

- Employer: Bob Clendenen [CalArts]

                    Jon Beer - Director [Read Testimonial]

During my time at CalArts, I helped a number of of my peers solve challenging interaction design problems through rapid prototyping with Arduino, Max MSP, and various sensor technologies. Such projects include Alchemy, and Motherboard, two projects I worked on with a classmate from the Fine Art program. These projects included a force sensitive oil painting used to trigger various sound recordings, and a physical scale equipped with absolute position sensors which help create an interactive audio visual environment. I also worked on Olive Grace Demarest's thesis show, Deep Tissue, where I assisted with audio recording, sound design, and helped with testing experimental projection techniques. 

- Collaborators:   Anti Nia  - 


In the Spring of 2018, I worked with Los Angeles filmmaker Manny Jimenez on a short clip for a fashion line inspired by the Bob Baker Marionette theatre.

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- Collaborators:   Manny Jimenez - Director

During my final two years of high school, I created and managed a multitrack recording studio, which was located in my parents' basement. I recorded with dozens of local musicians, while slowly building up an arsenault of microphones, preamps, synthesizers and whatever else was necessary to help these artists get the most out of the recording process. It was in these years that I started to see the studio as an instrument. In many ways, this work was the foundation for my technical understanding of music composition and production. 

- Freelance / Self-Employed

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