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Carrying On

Sound for Film


Composed original motion picture soundtrack

Hired and recorded live instrumentalists 

Carrying On:
A Caddie School for Soldiers


In the Fall of 2019 I was hired to compose, perform, and record an original motion picture soundtrack for a feature-length documentary. The film concerned the work of a non-profit whose mission is to help combat veterans overcome post-traumatic stress disorder by exploring a new career as golf caddies in Scotland. This was my first feature-length project, and it's currently being shopped to various networks, streaming services, and film festivals. Though my end of this project had to be completed in a very short timeframe, I really enjoyed the process of working with the direcor, finding just the right tone for the film's soundtrack, and elevating its emotional power through the careful selection of musical themes and sound elements. 

Read Director's Testimonial

Collaborators:   Evan Wendall - Trumpet


          Out of Orbit Films

This film is currently copyrighted material and thus cannot be posted publicly. A private link can be provided upon request.  



Composed Score

Sound Design

Mixed Final Cut


Sound Designer

Mix Engineer

In the Spring of 2018 I worked with Manny Jimenez, a classmate from the Film and Video department at CalArts, on this short clip for a fashion line inspired by the Bob Baker Marionette theatre. I worked closely with Manny across months, and dozens of spotting sessions to get this project to where it ended up. The "composer's cut" below, consists of all deliverables I produced for the film. 

Collaborators:   Manny Jimenez -Director


Tristè for Firmè (composer's cut)

CalAts Reel 2020


Completed bi-weekly composition assignments with clips from a variety of genres.

CalArts Reel


Mix Engineer

During the Spring of 2020, I was one of 12 students selected to study composition for film and video with Academy award nominated composer Karen Tanaka. Throughout the course, we were given clips from a variety of film genres to score, then took part in bi-weekly critiques of each other's work. In the off weeks, we learned directly from some of Hollywood's top film composers and had the opportunity to sit in on a number of Q&A's and studio tours. 

Teacher:  Karen Tanaka - CalArts faculty


These clips are copyrighted material and thus cannot be posted publicly. A private link to my 2020 CalArts Reel can be provided upon request.  

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