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2011 - 2015

2013 - 2015

2014 - 2015

- Studied Audio with Adam Ayan of

Gateway Mastering

2015 - 2020

- Major in Music Technology, Intelligence,

Interaction, and Design

- Minor in Digital Arts 

Relevant Courses

Relevant Courses

UX for Creative Technologists

-Took part in two design sprints over the course of the semester: an interactive sequencing installation, and a multidimensional sound controller.


-Learned about ideation strategies and the basics of testing and wireframing for prototypes. 

Instructors - Marijke Jorritsma [NASA JPL]

AI. Culture. Creativity

-Learned about the fundamental principles of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


- Learned to deploy AI at the edge on cutting edge GPU's and TPU's [Tensor Processing Units] such as the Nividia Jetson Nano and Google Coral Development Board.


- Added machine learning capabilities to musical interfaces using Wekinator

Work Showcased at Supplyframe DesignLab in Pasadena. 

Instructors - Christine Meinders [Femenist.AI]

Interface Design 1 and 2

-Learned to program and prototype instruments with microcontrollers and sensors.


-Developed SQUISHBOI

Instructor - Ajau Kapur

Machine Orchestra

-Performed on modular synthesizer with the CalArts

Machine Orchestra.

-Composed material for the group to perform.

Instructors - Ajau Kapur and Sarah Belle Reid

Advanced Sound Synthesis

-Studied advanced sound synthesis techniques programmed in reaktor.


-Developed drawing tablet wavetable synthesizer. 

Instructors - Owen Vallis

C++ for Electronic Music

After taking prerequisite coding classes, I took a course in C++ where we covered object oriented programming and developed custom plugins in JUCE. 

Instructors - Jordan Hochenbaum

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