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I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to compose and create film scores and work as a sound designer for a number of projects, both professionally and as part of my curriculum at CalArts. I've long had a passion for film, and love the process of working with directors to augment their work with my music and sound contributions.

A collection of my albums and EP's. Spanning from my formative years in Maine to my time as a student at CalArts to today.

Interaction Design

A Multidimensional Sound Controller

Peer Reviewed and Published: NIME 2020

SQUISHBOI is a continuous touch controller for interacting with complex musical systems. The instrument is best utilized as a tool for actively designing abstraction and forming a relative control structure within a given system, one which allows for intuitive gestural control beyond what can be accomplished with conventional musical controllers.

A Synesthetic Multimedia Installation

Sound Paint is a concept that I created in 2017 and presented as an installation at the 2017 CalArts Expo. Sound Paint allows users to create digital images and animations using a stylus as the brush and the sonic range of their voice as the pallet. It is currently being developed for marketing as an app for computers and tablets. 

User experience and design-thinking strategies have always been essential components in my creative process. To me, UX is about much more than just optimizing; it's also about creating user experiences that surprise and delight. 

A Multidimensional Sound Controller


An Interactive Sequencer Installation


In Development

A Melodic Assistant

With Riff Bot, you don't have to wait for inspiration to strike. It's yours at the touch of a button. Riff Bot is a musical sequencing device that connects and powers over USB and integrates easily into any DAW. Riff Bot frees you from the tyranny of the piano roll and serves as a collaborative partner in your computer music-making process. 



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"DeSmith has all the fundamental components necessary to succeed as a composer..."

Jon Beer

Director - Out of Orbit

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- Film Scoring

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- Teaching Experience

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